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LMW Weatherstations


These weatherstations record data every 15 minutes but only report to the web on the hour. To get all minute readings, please use the Download function, linked to below. To view the mobile version of this webpage click here. Once accessed it is recommended you save the site as a shortcut to your smartphone for easy access next time.

  • Click on a marker to see the latest hour's readings in brief
  • Double Click on a marker to go to that station's full details


The data produced from the weather station equipment provides current and historic weather readings for general information and is NOT a weather forecast. The use of this data is the sole responsibility of the user. The owner of this site does not provide any warranty or assurance as to the accuracy or suitability of the whole or any part of the data for any particular purpose or application. Any questions or comments regarding this website, the data on it, or its use should be directed to Lower Murray Water on (03) 5051 3400.

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